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Set DescriptionCardPlayer(s)StockPrice
Buy it Today1988 Star Carolina League All-Stars5Cooper, Scott1$0.50
Buy it Today1989 Baseball America AA Prospects BestAA9Cooper, Scott1$1.00
Buy it Today1989 Star Base Set126Cooper, Scott34$0.18
Buy it Today1989 Star New Britain Red Sox3Cooper, Scott1$1.00
Buy it Today1990 Bowman Base Set277Cooper, Scott99$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Bowman Tiffany277Cooper, Scott2$0.50
Buy it Today1990 Classic Series II13Cooper, Scott24$0.18
Buy it Today1990 CMC Base Set265Cooper, Scott12$0.18
Buy it Today1990 ProCards AAA439Cooper, Scott5$0.18
Buy it Today1990 Score Base Set651Cooper, Scott293$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Donruss Base Set496Cooper, Scott162$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Fleer Base Set91Cooper, Scott144$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Line Drive AAA354Cooper, Scott16$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Topps Debut 9035Cooper, Scott14$0.18
Buy it Today1991 Upper Deck Base Set22Cooper, Scott413$0.13
Buy it Today1992 Bowman Base Set129Cooper, Scott104$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Classic Collector's Edition142Cooper, Scott2$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Classic I28Cooper, Scott9$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Donruss Base Set570Cooper, Scott159$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Donruss Triple PlayGS180Cooper, Scott62$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Leaf Base Set182Cooper, Scott130$0.18
Buy it Today1992 O-Pee-Chee Base Set488Cooper, Scott21$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Pinnacle Base Set252Cooper, Scott103$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Pinnacle Rookies2Cooper, Scott13$0.18
Buy it Today1992 ProCards Tomorrow's Heroes16Cooper, Scott4$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score 100 Rising Stars88Cooper, Scott10$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Base Set876Cooper, Scott62$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Hot Rookies5Cooper, Scott1$0.20
Buy it Today1992 Score Impact Players26Cooper, Scott23$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Score Rookies13Cooper, Scott6$0.25
Buy it Today1992 Stadium Club Base Set377Cooper, Scott133$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Ultra Base Set312Cooper, Scott137$0.18
Buy it Today1992 Upper Deck Base Set541Cooper, Scott249$0.13
Buy it Today1993 Bowman Base Set467Cooper, Scott59$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Donruss Base Set135Cooper, Scott151$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Donruss Triple Play25Cooper, Scott64$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Finest Base Set7Cooper, Scott4$0.31
Buy it Today1993 Flair Base Set161Cooper, Scott38$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Fleer Base Set178Cooper, Scott75$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Leaf Base Set175Cooper, Scott158$0.13
Buy it Today1993 O-Pee-Chee Base Set385Cooper, Scott13$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Panini Stickers93Cooper, Scott1$0.50
Buy it Today1993 Pinnacle Base Set330Cooper, Scott51$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Base Set198Cooper, Scott34$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Score Select302Cooper, Scott69$0.18
Buy it Today1993 SP Base Set200Cooper, Scott60$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Base Set368Cooper, Scott64$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel368Cooper, Scott3$0.50
Buy it Today1993 Studio Base Set45Cooper, Scott50$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Topps Base Set655Cooper, Scott174$0.13
Buy it Today1993 Toys'R'Us Base Set29Cooper, Scott51$0.18
Buy it Today1993 U.S. Playing Cards Rookies11DCooper, Scott1$0.18
Buy it Today1993 Ultra Base Set149Cooper, Scott103$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Donruss Base Set413Cooper, Scott65$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Donruss Diamond Kings15Cooper, Scott2$1.00
Buy it Today1995 Donruss Top Of The Order325Cooper, Scott14$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Finest Base Set145Cooper, Scott25$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Finest Base Set244Cooper, Scott12$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Flair Base Set406Cooper, Scott20$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Flair Base Set11Cooper, Scott26$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Fleer Base Set27Cooper, Scott34$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Fleer Update155Cooper, Scott34$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Leaf Limited7Cooper, Scott15$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Pacific Base Set35Cooper, Scott7$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Panini Stickers58Cooper, Scott5$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Pinnacle Base Set67Cooper, Scott87$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Score Base Set427Cooper, Scott60$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Score Summit86Cooper, Scott35$0.18
Buy it Today1995 SP Base Set99Cooper, Scott89$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Stadium Club Base Set328Cooper, Scott31$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Stadium Club Base Set614Cooper, Scott30$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Stadium Club Super Skills Members Only ParallelSS16Cooper, Scott1$2.00
Buy it Today1995 Studio Base Set169Cooper, Scott12$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Topps Base Set4Cooper, Scott62$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Topps Traded138Cooper, Scott39$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Ultra Base Set261Cooper, Scott38$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice408Cooper, Scott24$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice (531-585) Trade Cards540Cooper, Scott4$0.30
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Collectors Choice SE192Cooper, Scott50$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Special Edition77Cooper, Scott6$0.18
Buy it Today1995 Upper Deck Special Edition228Cooper, Scott10$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Donruss Base Set480Cooper, Scott91$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Fleer Base Set540Cooper, Scott8$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Pacific Base Set215Cooper, Scott17$0.18
Buy it Today1996 Panini Stickers79Cooper, Scott3$0.25 is not affiliated with or endorsed by Major League Baseball (MLB), the Major League Players Association (MLBPA) or the St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club. Images and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and copyright of their respective manufacturers. They are presented here for entertainment and informational purposes only.